Our Company

We are a private limited company, with a share capital of €2,500,000. We employ 88 staff and in 2020 we packaged 226 million liters of water.

With growth above the market rate, we are currently the most sold brand in Portugal (by volume).  We invest annually in the modernization of our factory, as well as in our storage and product distribution capacities, in order to deliver the best quality and excellent service to all customers who come to us.

Our company is certified according to food safety standards NP EN ISO 22000:2005 and IFS (International Food Standard), so that we are delivering an even better service to our customers.



The company promotes the respect and protection of the environment and of our natural resources. It has increased its productive capacity using processes that guarantee a 20% reduction in energy consumption

Our Mission

Água das Caldas de Penacova’s company mission is to extract, bottle and sell natural mineral water, under the name “Caldas de Penacova,” using the best technology available to supply our national and international clients with a product of unquestionable quality, at a great price.

Our Values

Quality and Professionalism

Guarantee the Quality and Food Safety of our product, as meeting our customers’ expectations.


Continuous professional development of our staff.


This means we will fulfill all our obligations to staff, suppliers and other interested parties.


Contributing to the various aspects of the development of the region.

Food Safety Policy