If water has a cycle, why not plastic too?

The reality is that a huge portion of the plastic released on the market never ends up being recycled, and the consequences of this are there for all to see, in huge dumps or islands of litter, which put the health of our animals, people and ecosystems at risk. It only takes us a few seconds to put a bottle into the recycling, but it takes around 400 years for that same bottle to break down in the environment.
This is why Caldas de Penacova Natural Mineral Water decided to start an awareness-raising campaign, in which the Logical Plastic Cycle piggybacks onto the Water Cycle.

Welcome to the 3 principles of plastic recycling.
It is logical, hydrological and ecological.

Consume all the liquid from the packaging.

Flatten the packaging and unscrew the lid.

Deposit the packaging at a recycling point.

Collection of packaging by appropriate bodies.

Recycling and processing into new prime material primary material.

New products produced (toys, clothing etc.)

The Future of Plastic

Good environmental practices only truly work if we are all involved. This campaign is one small step, but an important step. The next one we take will certainly be on a much bigger scale, when the state, municipalities and companies are in agreement.

We all know that the economic model of “extract, process and discard” is at its limits.

Remember when your empties could be returned for a by-weight refund? This could be the most viable route to a circular economy, and we will be learning more about that soon. Rethinking and redesigning the future is a mission for all of us, and starts with effecting a change in our attitudes and our habits.

Caldas de Penacova Natural Mineral Water wants to see the day when the usage cycle of our products is as pure as Serra do Buçaco’s water. Help us to turn plastics, waste and environmental pollution on its head.